Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Make a Latte/Cappacino

Actually, I am just going to address the milk and froth part. I have an Aeroccino Plus that I LOVE. For this kind of coffee experience I make my coffee with a French press.

I use nonfat milk and it is only necessary to fill the milk up to the lowest line. Anything else overflows. I would not get the newer one, as I have read poor reports for the Aerocino 3. After you froth your milk, use a spoon to hold back the froth, and pour the heated milk into your coffee cup that has your coffee already poured in it. If you use a syrup have that already poured in your cup as well (before adding the milk). Then spoon the froth on top.
You might look this item up to buy it and decide not to go the expense. FEAR NOT!!
I got this little gadget at Sur La Table for $15:

It is a hand held device and runs with batteries. Heat your milk and then froth it with this little gem!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pumpkin Spice Syrup for Your Latte

Yes, Starbucks will sell you some of their syrups. Not the Pumpkin Spice. If you don't use your earned stars in one year you lose them. They kept forgetting to credit my account with a star every time I bought a latte. I have so moved on! :-)

1/2 cup of pumpkin pie filling, 1 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of water, cinnamon and nutmeg spices. Bring to a boil. Simmer for about 10 minutes. (stir often) Let it cool and store it in your refidgerator. 1-2 TBS in your latte. (Don't use your nice Nespresso coffee for this, use ground beans from Whole Foods or some type. Please do not use Costco beans ever - terrible.) Use within 3 weeks. Try not to eat it straight out of the pan. It's that good.